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About Us

Our journey began in Turkey in 2005, sitting outdoors eating in an authentic Ottoman restaurant on a sunny warm evening. Experiencing the sense evoking smell of spices, bread baking and meat grilling, our passion for fresh good food grew and a love of alfresco dining left us with a dream of opening our own eatery. Arriving in the south-west of England in 2007, our dream of opening our alfresco eatery continued, but with a lack of funds and a young family, it remained a dream.

In 2016 we saw our beautiful buttermilk 1971 Citroen HY van and our dreams became a reality.

With such diverse backgrounds; Aksen from Diyarbakir in the Kurdish east of Turkey and Ashley from Somerset in the south west of England, we were afforded the excellent opportunity of blending cuisines. Offering traditional quaint English dishes and flavourful spiced Kurdish and Ottoman derived dishes. 

Our little vintage van has been professionally converted to enable the creation of all these dishes and gives an original quirky twist to any event and certainly to our pitch in Taunton. 

Our food experience, and indeed the whole family business, can truly be described as 'east meets west'.